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19820 Filbert Drive SE
Bothell, WA 98012
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1993 sqft
3-4 br, 2.50 ba

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2119 sqft
3 br, 2.50 ba

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2225 sqft
3-4 br, 2.50 ba

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2206 sqft
4 br, 2.50 ba

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Your Path Home

At Westcott Homes, we are totally committed to quality. Our company, our systems and procedures are all organized around the principles of participating with our customers in achieving our mutual objectives. From the time you purchase your home, through the construction process, to the close of escrow and beyond to the expiration of the various limited warranties, our personnel are here to use their best efforts to assure our relationship is of the highest quality possible.

As your home is being constructed, we know that you'll have plenty of questions about the construction process. By following your path home, our 70 day process should help you to understand what's being done when, and what comes next. In this way, you'll be able to enjoy watching your home take shape with a better understanding of the process.

Your Path Home

Here's a breakdown of each week:

  • Weeks 1 -2: Permit, Excavation & Hard Surfaces, Foundation & Lumber
  • Week 3: Framing, Siding & Exterior
  • Week 4: Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC Rough-In
  • Week 5: Insulation & Sheetrock
  • Week 6: Mud, Tape & Texture
  • Week 7: Electrical & HVAC Trim, Cabinets
  • Week 8: Vinyl, Tile & Laminate, Painting & Millwork
  • Week 9: Plumbing Trim, Mirrors & Shelving
  • Week 10: Appliances & Hardwoods, Carpet
  • Week 11: Primary Walk Through, Final Walk Through & Closing

Each step is dependent upon the completion of the preceding steps. Weather and other conditions may cause delays. However, Westcott Homes construction procedures are designed to complete your home in an efficient, controlled manner. Construction will not take place each day, as there must be time built in for inspections, orientations, weather, coordination with other homes, etc.

While we understand that you may want to visit the site to view the process while your home is being built, we must require that you be escorted by the site sales representative during any visit. Insurance regulations are very restrictive on any construction site, and your safety is our greatest concern. Be Careful! To avoid confusion and misunderstandings, nearly all information on your home (schedules, specifications, etc.) is coordinated through the office, and your prime contact is the Westcott Homes Site Agent.

You can also find information about the Construction Timeline of your home by checking our Construction Updates; where we update our buyers weekly on the construction of their home.

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