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19820 Filbert Drive SE
Bothell, WA 98012
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1993 sqft
3-4 br, 2.50 ba

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2119 sqft
3 br, 2.50 ba

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2225 sqft
3-4 br, 2.50 ba

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2206 sqft
4 br, 2.50 ba

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Sell Your Land - Land Owners

Land Development Challenge

Land development can be a long, arduous endeavor filled with hundreds of variables, some controllable, some not. However, with the right set of expertise, resources, relationships, and ingenuity, it can instead, be one of the most rewarding experiences in one's life…to create a community where families can grow and prosper, while at the same time, turning your dreams into reality.

Why Westcott

Choosing the right developer is no different than choosing the right business partner. Your success hinges on the performance of your business partner. Westcott's expertise in effectively managing the development process enables you to sleep at night with confidence that you have a the right plan for success, you have the right team to execute that plan, and the team has the financial resources and the intellectual and political capital to resolve challenges and remain on schedule through to completion.

Westcott Experience

Since 1999 Westcott Homes and its affiliate companies have developed single family real estate in King and Snohomish counties representing more than 1500 lots/homes and in excess of $450,000,000 total value. Westcott's innovative and efficient approaches to financing, community design, marketing, and selling homes have helped align missions between Westcott and its land partners to maximize the value of their land, through the best and worst of the housing economy.

One Size Does Not Fit All

While there certainly is a 'Typical' approach to structuring the purchase of land, it only applies in a vacuum in which there are no other outside influences affecting the choices that a land seller may make. Westcott prides itself on understanding the driving motivators for each of their land partners, efficiently identifying the critical path for a successful project, and subsequently applying the best purchase structure to satisfy the needs of the Seller, the Project, and also Westcott.

Tell Us About Your Land

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