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19820 Filbert Drive SE
Bothell, WA 98012
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Construction Process

At Westcott Homes, we are totally committed to quality. Our company, our systems and procedures are all organized around the principles of participating with our customers in achieving our mutual objectives. From the time you purchase your home, through the construction process, to the close of escrow and beyond to the expiration of the various limited warranties, our personnel are here to use their best efforts to assure our relationship is of the highest quality possible.

At Westcott Homes we continually strive to build a zero-defect home. Because we are dealing with a handmade product, we know perfection is not possible. Nonetheless, all of our processes and procedures are focused on continuous improvement toward that zero-defect goal. Westcott Homes is about more than just building a quality home; it's building a quality relationship with you, our customer. We trust that your satisfaction will ensure your return to us for your future housing needs, and we hope that we have earned your recommendation as your builder of choice to your family, friends and others.

Quality Inspections - With respect to construction quality, your home is going through a series of strict building code inspections to assure you of a fine, quality constructed home. Your home has been built to industry standards from the footings to the finished product. Here are just a few of the dozens of inspections your home will go through:

Preliminary Survey (pre-construction) - The Plot Plan is created to position your home on your homesite and demonstrated to municipal officials that the home's configuration conforms to all requirements.

Foundation Inspection - The foundation inspection ensures the proper placement of the steel support posts as well as the support straps.

Plumbing Inspection - All piping and drainage are inspected.

Electrical Inspection - This inspection will verify that all electrical elements are in place and functioning properly.

Framing Inspection - Inspects the actual structure of the home to ensure the compliance to strict building codes & specifications.

Sheetrock/Nail Inspection - Verifies the proper installation of the interior walls (sheetrock) and nail placements.

Certificate of Occupancy - It's official - after passing the various inspections throughout the construction process, your home is now complete and ready for move-in!

Construction Timeline

As your home is being constructed, we know that you'll have plenty of questions about the construction process. The following weekly summary of the construction process should help you to understand what's being done when, and what comes next. In this way, you'll be able to enjoy watching your home take shape with a better understanding of the process.

  • Week 1 Excavation & Hard Surfaces
  • Week 2 Foundation
  • Week 3 Backfill & Utilities
  • Week 4-6 Framing
  • Week 7 Siding & Exterior Paint
  • Week 8 Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC Rough-In
  • Week 9 Insulation
  • Week 10 Sheetrock
  • Week 11 Electrical & HVAC Trim, Cabinets
  • Week 12 Painting & Millwork
  • Week 13 Plumbing Trim, Mirrors & Shelving
  • Week 14 Carpet & Appliance Install
  • Week 15 Punch & Cleaning
  • Week 16 Final Inspection
  • Week 17 Initial Walk-Thru & Orientation
  • Week 18 Final Walk-Thru & Closing
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